God has given us the great joy and responsibility of ministering to over 700 children. With the ongoing growth of our Children’s Ministry, we are running out of space. Improved space will serve as a new door for the unchurched families of our city. This plan calls for new space that will not only engage children and their parents with the Gospel, but will reflect that children are a high priority to us, just as they were to Jesus. We will offer a dynamic Mother’s Day Out Ministry to hundreds of our families, reserving space for under-privileged families as well.


From our beginning, the youth of our church and community have been a high priority. The current building they meet in is in disrepair and not worth refurbishing. In this plan, the youth will have new space that will greatly impact their times of fellowship, Bible study, evangelism, and praise. These New Doors to our Youth Ministry will be compelling to families and youth in our church and to the hundreds we reach out to each year.