Does PCPC plan to go into debt to accomplish this project?

PCPC does not plan to have long term debt on the property. We will plan the scope based on the amount of commitments received during the campaign.

Will the construction have an impact on our worship service and ministries?

Construction will take place in multiple phases. We are working on a plan for how we will adjust during each phase of construction so that we can help minimize the impact on each ministry.  Once our plans are finalized, more information will be available on this website.



What is the schedule for groundbreaking and construction? 

We plan on the demolition of the Newton Court homes to begin in February.  By early June, we anticipate the demolition of the Oak Lawn East building so we can begin excavation for the underground parking.

When will the project be completed?

We expect construction to take two years being completed by summer of 2020. Of course, the next two years will be a mess! Let’s embrace this mess together. We will keep you updated primarily through the EXTEND website