Does PCPC plan to go into debt to accomplish this project?

PCPC does not plan to have long term debt on the property. We will plan the scope based on the amount of commitments received during the campaign.

What's the latest construction timeline?

We are still working to get a detailed timeline for our construction but we do have a general sense for the order in which things will happen.

Now that Newton Ct. has been cleared, the next step will be the demo of Oak Lawn East (our current Youth Building). This will allow for construction to begin on our underground parking garage this summer. We do not anticipate beginning renovation to our main building until sometime in 2019.

Be on the lookout for more information on the construction timeline in the next few months.

Where will I park during construction?

Once construction begins, our front parking lot will be closed. With this significant inconvenience for a few months, we are working on plans to provide alternative parking during construction, primarily for our senior adults and our families with small children for our weekday activities. Parking on the west campus accessed from Newton Ave. will remain available throughout construction. We will provide details for our parking plan as soon as they are finalized.

We plan to begin construction on the underground parking in August, which should take about 8 months to complete. If all goes according to plan, we should have underground parking and a portion of the new surface parking available by Spring of 2019.

Where will the youth meet once the Youth Building is demolished? 

Beginning this summer, Middle and High School will meet in rooms 301 and 302/304 until that space is ready to be renovated later next year.



What will happen with renovation inside the existing education areas in the main building?

Most all of our current children’s and adult classrooms will undergo renovation and will be repurposed for different uses. The exact schedule for the interior renovation has not been determined. We do not expect interruptions until sometime in 2019.

Once renovations begin, Sunday morning classes and weekday programs will continue but will need to move to temporary locations during construction. We will provide updates and give directions for changes once a final timeline and phasing plan has been determined. We will work closely with out general contractor to ensure safety for everyone on our campus and to provide good communication on a weekly basis for any changes that may affect your weekly activities.

How will I enter the sanctuary?

Since the parking lot will be closed, the primary entrance for the sanctuary will be the front entrance from Oak Lawn and the north entrance from Wycliffe. The Wycliffe entrance on the lower level will be improved for better access.

What about weddings and memorial services?

Since the sanctuary will not be interrupted, we will make every effort to accommodate our normal needs. We will take these needs into consideration as we are working on alternative parking plans. There may be times when Fellowship Hall is less convenient for receptions.

How can we pray?

* Pray for the best temporary parking alternatives to become clear to the team

* Wisdom for the many decisions and details to be finalized

When will the project be completed?

We expect construction to take two years being completed by summer of 2020. Of course, the next two years will be a mess! Let’s embrace this mess together. We will keep you updated primarily through the EXTEND website