Does PCPC plan to go into debt to accomplish this project?

PCPC does not plan to have long term debt on the property. We will plan the scope based on the amount of commitments received during the campaign.

What is the plan for providing more parking?

Our traffic studies show that we park 600-700 cars on peak Sundays. We also have high volume needs during the week when bank and shopping center parking isn’t available. This scope will provide approximately 400 spaces that the church would privately own. 104 spaces will be underground, allowing safe and easy access to the sanctuary and Children's Ministries.  

Where will the columbarium go?

At this time, we believe that the columbarium will be located just north of the sanctuary. See exterior campus plans for more details. 

What about weekday children’s programs?

We anticipate our new facility to allow weekday opportunities for our children. This includes plans for a new Mother’s Day Out program to launch as early as Fall 2020.

What is the schedule for construction?

We foresee demo beginning as early as late February, with construction starting early June at the latest. Construction timelines are still being developed, we will update you with those plans as soon as they are determined.

What will the architectural style be for the new building?

The architectural style of the campus will now remain consistent with our current neo-gothic architecture

When can I make a donation to the campaign?

We are now accepting pledges and donations. For more information on giving, see our 'Give' page. 

How do I give stock?  

Please contact Jean Hagin, Accounting Specialist, by emailing or calling 214.224.2504

How can I change my pledge? 

If at any point you need to change your pledge, please email