Why is there not a multi-purpose building/gymnasium? 

It is not currently included in this present scope due to budget constraints. However, if campaign funds allow, the gym could be included in this phase of the campaign, as it is our next priority.

Does PCPC plan to go into debt to accomplish this project?

PCPC does not plan to have long term debt on the property. We will plan the scope based on the amount of commitments received during the campaign.

What is the plan for providing more parking?

Our traffic studies show that we park 600-700 cars on peak Sundays. We also have high volume needs during the week when bank and shopping center parking isn’t available. This scope will provide 400-500 spaces that the church would privately own. The actual configuration of that parking will be determined based on the final site plan.

Where will the columbarium go?

There has been interest in providing a columbarium. The session has affirmed this and a committee has been put together to study what it would require to provide one. Upon a site plan being set, it will then be determined how a columbarium may be incorporated into the plans. 

What about weekday children’s programs?

We anticipate our new facility to allow weekday opportunities for our children. This includes plans for a new Mother’s Day Out program to launch as early as Fall 2020.

What is the schedule for construction?

We foresee demo occurring Oct/Nov. Beginning construction in January 2018 and will take 1.5-2 years to complete.  

What will the architectural style be for the new building?

Architectural style and building plans are solely conceptual at this point and based on a $50 million-dollar budget. Once the campaign is completed, a budget will be set based on the amount that is pledged, and the architects will begin to build a scope around that budget.

When can I make a donation to the campaign?

We are now accepting pledges and donations. For more information on giving, see our 'Give' page. 

How do I give stock?  

Please contact Jean Hagin, Accounting Specialist, by emailing finance@pcpc.org or calling 214.224.2504

How can I change my pledge? 

If at any point you need to change your pledge, please email finance@pcpc.org