Pray for a New City 

“The two sides of Dallas, the spiritual and the worldly, seem hard to reconcile. The city and suburbs hold about 1,200 churches, roughly two-thirds of which can be classified as staunchly within the most conservative strains of American religion... At the same time, Dallas is a city that worships success, especially financial success. And it is a city lurching without grace through a slough of social problems: Its divorce rate is the highest in the country; its child abuse and teenage pregnancy rates are almost as high. You could as easily make a case for Dallas’ being the most worldly city in America as the most Christian.”

“Is Dallas the Most Christian City in the Nation?”  D Magazine

  • Pray that the trends of poverty in Dallas would be reversed
  • Pray that Dallas churches would work together for the Gospel task of racial reconciliation
  • Pray that God would raise up Christian leaders to influence every sector of our city
  • Pray that every person in our city would be reached with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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