How will we fulfill the EXTEND vision?

As the building is starting to come together, we invite you to pray with us as we finalize the next steps of the EXTEND mission. As you know, it’s so much more than just a building project. When we think of our community (those around us who don’t know and trust Jesus as their Savior), what will they see? Will they see Christ in us? 

Mark Davis challenges us to hold out the Gospel wherever we are – at home, at work, with neighbors, with friends, with those God brings into your life. What a privilege it is to welcome people in, both here at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, but also in your life as a believer. Be in prayer and listen to how God wants to use you to EXTEND. Stop. Listen. Follow. What a joy it is to EXTEND the Gospel by “going out” and “bringing in.” 

It’s an exciting time at PCPC, and we are so thankful for your participation in extending the good news of Christ!